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Best NZ Summer Hikes: Our Top Picks

Nothing beats a Kiwi summer! The weather is fantastic (most of the time), and there’s always somewhere new just waiting to be discovered… if only we’d step away from civilisation, for just a moment. You see, summer can be so … Read More >

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Study: Superfine Merino Wool Helps Eczema

We love 100% Macpac merino wool because it’s super soft, breathable, naturally temperature regulating and anti-odour… perfect for a range of adventures year-round. While wool is not traditionally thought of is being good for skin conditions, it turns out superfine … Read More >

Kids Snow Top Tips

Our favourite tips for kids snow adventures Snowmen, snow angels, snow fights, snow fun! Some of the best childhood memories come from snow days – and with a few simple tips, you could make your children’s introduction to the snow … Read More >

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