Adventures with Fitness

A Fund For Good story | Winter Journal, 2019
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The Macpac Fund For Good is our way of giving back to the community and sustaining the wild places that we hold so dear. We support individuals and groups whose missions fall into three different categories: adventure based social development, environmental projects, and ethical manufacturing.The ethos behind the Fund For Good is shared by every grant recipient, and it’s pretty simple – life is better when you’re outside.

Fabiola Case (or as most people know her, Fabs) is an area manager for Macpac in the ACT. She also started the women’s outdoor community, Adventures with Fitness. The group offers support to women who are facing mental health challenges, particularly as a result of trauma. But that’s not what Fabs had in mind at the beginning. In her own words…

“Originally it was a women’s outdoor fitness community, focused on training for hikes and outdoor sports. I wanted to help women who faced some kind of hurdle when it came to getting outdoors, and over time it became evident that the hurdle a lot of women were facing was due to trauma, either in their past or that they were currently experiencing.”

Today, the objective is to build a community based on strength and support. Adventures with Fitness trips aren’t holidays – they’re designed to challenge, and inspire personal growth through a powerful network of women who collectively want to achieve the same thing.

“It’s not just about finishing a hike. The sense of accomplishment that we get from completing something physically and mentally challenging is very powerful. But more important than that is the creation of a safe space that allows these women to be supported through their journey.”

The outdoors has helped Fabs transform her own life and to work through traumas and challenges. Finding and a sense of belonging through hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits gave her strength.

Nature has been a place of healing for many cultures throughout history. There’s a lot to be said about the simplicity of hiking or just being out in the wild. It gives us the chance to shine and be completely free from our fears.

At time of publication, Fabs is leading an Adventures with Fitness expedition through Nepal. If you’d like to follow their journey or connect with the group, search for Adventures with Fitness on Facebook or Instagram.

For more information on the Macpac Fund For Good you can visit

Fabs and the Adventures with Fitness Crew in Nepal.