Charlie Murray

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Charlie Murray is a skier, mountain biker, mountain man and proud South Islander. When he’s not working the 9-5 as a structural engineer, Charlie can be found in the Southern Alps, either climbing mountains or hurtling down them – snow covered or otherwise.


Let’s start with a hard one – how old are you?


Where are you from?

South Island New Zealand – Christchurch & Wanaka.

Can you describe yourself in 50 words or less?

Mountain biker and skier competing in the Enduro World Series for MTB. Passionate about adventures and finding new and exciting places and activities. Having grown up in the outdoors I have a strong connection with the mountains and feel at home in the southern alps. I love creating content and videos to show the rest of the world how good adventures in New Zealand are.

What’s your earliest adventure memory outside?

Family tramping trips from as soon as I could walk. We’d always go missions into remote places as a family. The winter trips were the best, it was like a winter wonderland playing in snow and frost with a nice warm backcountry hut to go back to. Nothing like a wood-stove to cook on and dry your wet gear.

What do you love about being a Macpac ambassador?

The opportunity to work with people who care about the environment and have a passion for good technical gear and adventure.

What piece of Macpac kit do you never leave home without?

Tech outerwear (Barrier Bib & Lightweight Prophet) and the Prothermal Hoodie.

Tell us about your best day in the outdoors or on an adventure in 50 words or less.

Probbaly our 24hr strike mission skiing off the top of Mt aspiring. I was with a crew of insane skiers – Ryan Taylor, Fraser Mcdougall and Craig Murray – we had back flips and flatspins popping off on the run down from the summit all the way to Colin Todd hut.

Who’s on your fantasy dinner party guest list?

Alan Watts, Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, John Jones, John John Florence, Steve Peat, Doug Combes.

If the world was about to end, where would we find you, what would you be doing, and who would you be with?

Hopefully I’d be on my bike or skiing with the MFC crew. Although there’s a possibility I might be at my day job where I’m a structural engineer.

How would you sum up your approach to life?

Say yes to everything, take opportunities and don’t be afraid to get outside the comfort zone. I also like having a mixture of fun and not fun, sport and academic, things in life to keep me grounded and well rounded.

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