Jarmal Richard

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Welcome to the Macpac ambassador family Jarmal Richard! Jarmal’s passion for trail running and the community knows no bounds, and we’re so excited to be working with him. Originally from the US, Jarmal is deeply entrenched in the Australian trail running community. When he’s not running, he’s busy running (see what we did there) a performance coaching business: iconnect2usports.com

Let’s start with a hard one – how old are you?

I am permanently 12, trapped inside a 51 year old body.

Where are you from?

I was born in New Orleans, but I grew up in Los Angeles.

Can you describe yourself in 50 words or less?

I love life! I love to learn and am always trying to challenge myself. I am a Sagittarius, so I see the world from an optimistic point of view. I love to explore and to work hard. Every day I wake up, I want to run. I love a good joke, great food and time with my wife Michele and our kids.

What’s your earliest adventure memory outside?

My parents would take us to the local mountains on day trips to go Tobogganing in the snow at Mt Baldy in Los Angeles.

What do you love about being a Macpac ambassador?

I have worn Macpac gear on my ultra runs in Australia, New Zealand and the US for over 5 years.  The Team at Macpac is “family”!  They are awesome!

What piece of Macpac kit do you never leave home without?

The Macpac Geothermal clothing is my daily go to! However, the AMP Ultra Vest is a close second! In fact, I think they may be tied for first…

Tell us about your best day in the outdoors or on an adventure in 50 words or less.

Yes, I was running mountain trails in Granada Andalucia Region of Spain. I was with a group of American buddies having an awesome summer Spanish country adventure.

Who’s on your fantasy dinner party guest list?

Denzel Washington, Michelle Obama, Jacinda Ardern, Ritchie McCaw, Michael Jordan, Mark Wahlberg, Emma McKeon (Australian Olympian), Allyson Felix (6 time American Olympian) and Courtney Dauwalter (#1 Ultra Runner in the World).

If the world was about to end, where would we find you, what would you be doing, and who would you be with?

I would be taking a walk in Winchelsea down our local trail with my wife, Michele, our kids and our dog Suki.

How would you sum up your approach to life?

Live every second to the fullest, like it’s the last one you are going to get! Carpe Diem!!


You can follow Jarmal’s adventures on Instagram @iconnect2uspt