Kevin Farebrother

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“We’re not here for a long time we’re here for a good time ” – just one of many sayings that gives Kevin Farebrother the inspiration to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. Or maybe, he jokes, “I think the one that suits me best is, “You’re never more alive than when your nearly dead” “!

And Kevin would know – as his three successful summits of Everest, along with his yachting expeditions, continually take him close to the edge of human endeavour. In the coming three years he will lead expeditions to Nepal in training for another summit attempt, where he aims to be the first Australian to successfully conquer the world’s highest peak 4 times.

When he’s not busy topping-out on the world’s most formidable mountains, Kevin can be found on his yacht, preparing for the Golden Globe 2018 Race – a solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation of the globe using only celestial navigation. That means zero technology! “To put it in perspective more people summit Mount Everest in one season than have ever circumnavigated the Globe solo, non-stop and unassisted” he says – and we’re proud to be there to support him every step of the way.

Kevin has a long association with Macpac stretching back to his climbing expeditions with legendary Macpac ambassador, Marty Schmidt, before Marty’s tragic loss on K2 in 2013. Today, his partnership with Macpac takes on more meaning as he remembers his close friend “We were planning another K2 expedition the year after but unfortunately the avalanche had other ideas. Hopefully soon I can attempt to climb K2 in his memory and take Macpac with me” he says.

Coming from a humble background in Manchester, England, Mount Everest was never part of the equation in the early days. After a “not so successful stint at grammar school” he joined the British Army, eventually serving with the Special Forces in 23 SAS. It was this time that cemented his love for the outdoors and gave him a lot of the skills required to navigate and survive in the mountains.

“I discovered that pushing myself to my limits mentally and physically was what I enjoyed, so mountaineering it was that ticked all the boxes. After many climbs and a few courses Everest crept into the equation and in 2011 I stood on top of the world for the first time – but as usual that wasn’t enough, I had to try without supplemental oxygen and in 2013 I made that attempt. I stood on the summit again, but I had used oxygen, so it’s still on the endless list!” His third assault on Everest was in 2016, as a guide, successfully assisting his clients to the top for guiding company Adventures Global.

Amongst all of his training and expeditions, Kev also holds down his day job as a firefighter in Perth, Western Australia.

“I’m excited about the future, I’ve found that inspiring people and helping them achieve their dreams is just as satisfying as achieving my own …I’m always planning the next adventure.” You can follow Kevin’s travels on his website and Facebook feeds: