Sam Goodall

Well-known in the multisport world, Sam Goodall is always up for a challenge. A full-time firefighter, part-time athlete and keen outdoorsman, Sam is always on-the-go, planning his next big trip or event. He’s also well-regarded for his strong drive to help others, and has coached and supported other keen athletes to get into the outdoors, encouraging them in their multisport pursuits.

Sam’s always had a sporting background, beginning with team sport in High School – in particular, basketball, which he played for 15 years, reaching national teams for his age group, and second division national league.

Sam has also always had a love of the outdoors, and was always keen on spending his spare time outside – a passion that’s remained with him since childhood.

“I grew up in Auckland, so had an abundance of opportunities in the outdoors, and as a kid, I enjoyed many biking, camping and fishing trips with my family. When I was 17, I completed a National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation which gave me a broad taste of hiking, canyoning, climbing, caving, biking and kayaking.”

It was the kayaking that really drew Sam in, leading to an exciting and varied career path.

“Funnily enough, it also lead me to my first kayaking paddling jacket – a Macpac Reflex™ jacket which served me well.”

Over the next 12 years, Sam immersed himself in the kayaking world, and this passion took him around New Zealand, Australia and Europe. He worked in retail, manufacture, design guiding, instruction and covered all disciplines – fishing, canoe polo, sea kayaking, whitewater and, fatefully – multisport paddling which appealed to his competitive nature.

“My taste for competition was encouraged by an entry to the Coast to Coast in 2006 – this was the start of a new lifestyle for me – of adventure, outdoors and activity. Multisport allows me to challenge and push the boundaries, enjoy the outdoors, and see places that many people can only dream about.”

Multisport has taken Sam all over the world – from the multiday kayaking in Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, to three person adventure racing in China’s Zunyi Mountains, to cycling the Lakes District in Japan’s Mt Fuji.

When he’s training for a big event like the Coast to Coast, Sam’s training regime typically looks like this:

Monday: easy one hour bike ride.

Tuesday: 2.5 hour bike timetrial, 1.5 hour kayak

Wednesday: 1.5 hour bike, 3 hour loop run, 1.5 hour return by bike.

Thursday: 3 hour kayak

Friday: 3 hour bike

Saturday: Run 3 hours, bike 1 hour, kayak 4 hours.

Sunday: 3 hour recovery bike.

Combined with his busy training schedule, Sam’s also a fulltime firefighter in Christchurch – a job that has strong parallels to multisport.

“I have never been much off an ‘office desk’ person. My career and multisporting have a lot in common – in both I find myself in physically and mentally challenging environments. I’ve been in the job for two years now, and I love being able to make a difference to people in very difficult times. It is tough to compete at the same level as full time professional multisporters, but it is also a great challenge, which is what I enjoy. I’m also lucky that fire service shift patterns allow reasonable periods of time off, and they are supportive of employees retaining a good level of fitness.”

Sam’s been a friend of Macpac for many years, initially working in our Northlands store, and he officially joined us as an Ambassador in 2017. Having gear he can rely on is important to him – it can make all the difference in a big race, especially when conditions turn.

“I love the opportunity to represent a New Zealand born and bred company that values high performance, reliable, boundary-pushing gear as much as I do. My Pulsar Jacket is my constant companion – lightweight, warm and not bothered by the wet. It’s a great backup in my emergency bag, or an outer layer when it’s really cold out. Versatility is key.”

Follow Sam’s journey on the Macpac Log Book as he explores in the outdoors and competes among some of the best athletes in the multisporting world.