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New Zealand Single Track Adventures

Cristina Simpkins and Ben Laffan are an inspiring Canadian/Kiwi couple who believe that everyone should pursue what they love to do. For them – that means dedicating their time to adventure and encouraging others to explore the outdoors.

At home in the wilderness, Cristina and Ben run two adventure companies – experiencing endless summers split between mountain biking around New Zealand’s Southern Alps and backcountry hiking on British Columbia’s Coast.

Their adventure started in New Zealand back in 2008 where they were both guiding for renowned outdoor companies. But they were ready for a fresh challenge together, so they embarked on the next step of their journey in 2010, heading to Canada where they set up their guiding business, Yoho Adventures.

After an amazing summer of wilderness missions, winter came calling and swept them back to the Kiwi summer where the adventures continued.

Today, Yoho Adventures specialises in wilderness travel and remote hiking trips that delve into the untouched and pristine wilderness areas of British Columbia, Canada. Offering unique adventure experiences in some of Canada’s most inspiring and hard- to access backcountry of the Coast Mountains.

When the season changes towards the Autumn months, they’re back in the Southern Hemisphere guiding mountain bike trips through their business New Zealand Single Track Adventures, delving into some of the most iconic tracks and lesser known kiwi gems

Splitting their seasons between two countries has given Cristina and Ben a wealth of knowledge and experience in hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring, helping them to turn Yoho Adventures into a sought after guiding company in both New Zealand and Canada. Their trips are legendary to many, with clients coming from all over the globe to experience Cristina and Ben’s unique brand of adventure.

“We believe in bringing people to experience the hard-to-access wilds where they can be inspired to live a healthier active life. There’s an abundance of unexplored terrain waiting to be discovered and experienced – it’s about choosing to venture somewhere unknown. Our favourite missions in the mountains have always been off track -that’s what we want people to get a taste of,” says Cristina.

Travelling with their bikes and backpacks around the globe, sharing with people the importance of connecting with the wilds and spending time in nature is something Cristina and Ben embrace as their lifestyle and passion.

“I had a great Kiwi childhood in the Southern Alps as a mountain biker, a tramper and a hunter – I’ve always had a mission planned or have been thinking of the next best wilderness areas to discover, and that’s something that’s stayed with me. I’m into showing people places that require effort and some epic-ness – at times maybe a bit too much! I guess that’s the Kiwi in me. It’s allowed us to develop our trips with a true desire to get people into the faraway places that make adventures more memorable and rewarding,” says Ben.

When Cristina and Ben are not running trips, you can find these two taking time out by embarking on week long missions through Fiordland’s backcountry, or shredding some awesome single track around the globe.

“It’s important for us to take time for ourselves and refuel in the wilds without being on a time schedule or with clients. Adventure isn’t just a job for us, it’s something we actively seek out in our personal time too, and that gives us a unique edge – we can constantly put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and imagine what they’d like to experience from the beautiful places we get to visit,” says Cristina.

Cristina and Ben’s unique lifestyle means they need gear that they know they can rely on. From the early days living in the back of a pick-up truck running with their dreams, Macpac has always been their gear of choice when playing and living in the great outdoors, and in 2017, they became official Ambassadors.

“I grew up with Macpac, and our company grew up with Macpac, too. It’s a brand that shares the same down-to-earth nature as us, and because Macpac gear is built to last, we know we can always rely on it to meet the demands of our rugged lifestyle in the mountains, wherever our adventures might take us,” says Ben.

You can follow Cristina and Ben’s world of adventures on the Macpac Log Book, and at:

Websites :   www.YohoAdventures.com

Instagram : @yohoadventure