Dare to Dream: Day 1

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It’s a tale of two men and one row boat – In May 2015, Pete Fletcher and Tom Hudson took on the Dare to Dream challenge of becoming the first pair in history to row unassisted from New York to London. To put that into perspective – it’s a journey of over 3,000 nautical miles. The Melbourne-based Brits are now almost a month into their trip – they hope to arrive by the end of July. But for now, they’re “somewhere in the North Atlantic” – and the only thing connecting them to civilization is a satellite phone. As they make their way closer to London, the Macpac Blog takes a look at their journey so far. 

Dare to Dream Pete and Tom outside Macpac Melbourne

Dare to Dream Team Pete and Tom outside the Macpac store in Melbourne CBD

It all started with an email in early 2014 – Tom who only knew Pete in a professional capacity at that point, excitedly revealed his plan to row from New York to London.

“My first thought was ‘Oh, is that all?’ I don’t know what I was expecting. My second thought was ‘of course you can do it, but I’m coming with you!’” says Pete.

On paper, it was simple – “Pete and Tom’s Atlantic Crossing 2015” – the printed document stared up at them as they discussed their proposed adventure over a couple of beers.

“Needless to say, we didn’t fill in many of the blanks, but we did have a good time and I knew we were as compatible as two six-foot-plus blokes could get in planning to share a row boat for two or three months,” reveals Pete.

Over the coming weeks, they partnered up with a number of organisations – including Macpac. We kitted the boys out with clothing and equipment to make sure they’d be comfortable in even the most uncomfortable environments.

Dare to Dream Pete outside the Macpac Challenger organising food rations

Pete outside the ‘Macpac Challenger’ organising food rations.

Pete and Tom also came up with a unique nutrition plan based on the Inuit practice of taking high fat-based foods on trips, instead of high sugar and carb foods. This provides a greater calorie-to-weight ratio, and slow energy release over a longer period of time. Unfortunately, a bit of food has spoiled on the trip so far, but the pair aren’t too concerned – it’s all part of the challenge!

After months of training, they left the shores of New York on May 21 – next stop London. They’ve covered over 2000km so far, and although some fatigue has kicked in, both Pete and Tom are in high spirits, even as they battle periods of turbulence and high seas. As part of their journey, they’re also taking water samples from across the North Atlantic to assist with a significant study of microplastics in our oceans and waterways. This study is being conducted by Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, and this week the pair took their first sample.

Dare to Dream Tom and Pete wearing pink to support the McGrath Foundation

Dare to Dream Team Tom and Pete wearing pink to support the McGrath Foundation

Dare to Dream proudly supports the McGrath Foundation – an Australian charity that supports breast cancer sufferers. They’re aiming to raise $10,000, and they’re halfway there! You can make a donation on Dare to Dream’s everydayhero campaign.

Keep an eye on the Macpac blog as Pete and Tom edge closer to their goal – you can also follow their progress on the Dare to Dream Facebook page.



Check out the trailer for the documentary on Pete and Tom’s journey by Israel Cannan here!

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