Dare to Dream – Day 40

40 days at sea – and almost half way there! The Dare to Dream rowers have had another eventful week – probably the toughest one since leaving New York over a month ago. There have been a few nasty storm systems that have passed through over the last week which has wreaked a bit of havoc for the boys. 

We have the latest from their team in Australia.


Last Tuesday the boat capsized at around 2am which saw the boys lose a few bits and pieces of equipment. The cabin ended up being very wet for the rest of the week and they’ve only now managed to dry off completely. During the capsize they lost  their primary pump, their final drogue, the rudder bridal, some rope, the fender, their beanies, their GoPro camera and some mung beans. They were understandably frustrated but otherwise unharmed.

Mother nature didn’t ease up much over the weekend, with the boys facing 55 knot winds and 30ft waves! They told us that they’re “bruised and battered, but not broken”. The last week has proved how truly resilient these two are. Pete mentioned that they woke up the next morning with great perspective for the rest of the journey (and for life itself!).

Pete and Tom gearing up at Macpac

Pete and Tom gearing up at Macpac


Monday was a busy day with the boys focusing their time on odd jobs around the Macpac Challenger boat. They managed to accomplish a lot:

  • They cut and retied the worn steering line.
  • Pete taught Tom how to tie a bowline knot.
  • They adjusted the water balance to raise the stern (so the waves don’t break over the cabin and swamp the deck).
  • Chiseled a hole in the cabin to access the broken solar panel.
  • Dried their clothes.
  • Pete reminded Tom how to tie a bowline knot.
  • Dried and packed down second (post storm) sleeping bag.
  • Tom crimped the solar panel circuit to regain charge.
  • Repaired holes in the cabin.
    Replaced the broken seat wheel.
  • Re-taped and covered the navigation light to repair night vision.
  • Tried to repair (but ultimately decided to ditch) the corroded GoPro.
    Tried and approved of coconut oil on carob crackers to increase calorie intake.
  • Watched the sunset.
  • Prayed for calm.

A very productive day indeed!

Tom has just rationed their remaining food for the long haul as well. Amazing effort from these two! The boys are bracing for more stormy weather, and hope it will be nothing compared to what they have already faced.

The boys are also now well over halfway to reaching their target – please support them and the McGrath Foundation by donating via Dare to Dream’s everydayhero campaign.

Macpac is proud to sponsor the Dare to Dream team on their mission to row unassisted from New York to London.

For any general or media enquiries, contact the Dare to Dream Marketing & Media Manager.