Jamie Prebble’s NZ Winter: a photo story

New Zealand’s leading ski cross athlete and Macpac Ambassador Jamie Prebble gives us an insight into his recent New Zealand Winter, in preparation for his busy Northern Hemisphere Winter ahead.

Photo 1: Early morning training up at Coronet Peak. We had a real stellar of a season in New Zealand – the snow just kept coming and coming. Those early morning wake ups are nearly always worth it.

Photo 2: Fresh cord up at Mt Hutt. The snow was a huge blessing for our Spring Camp which was held late in the Season at Mt Hutt in Mid-October. When skiing I simply feel alive, cold wind rushing against my face, with complete freedom to choose your own path down the mountain.

Photo 3: We have some epic views of Christchurch out the back of Mt Hutt. There is no better feeling than standing on top of a mountain, the sheer beauty of the mountains is where I feel most at home.

Photo 4: Thanks to the vast amount of snow, we were able to build exactly the course that we needed to train on. We were even able to build a replica start section of the Olympic Track, allowing us to spend valuable time finding small gains.

Photo 5: But my preparations have not all involved snow. I spent some time in the Auckland University Wind Tunnel to work on my aerodynamics. Every hundredth of a second counts, as athletes we search for endless gains, pushing the boundaries of our body, technology and minds.

Photo 6: I’ve also been training at the High Performance Sport Centre – focusing on increasing my power and anaerobic endurance so that I can be better primed to perform under a fatigued state at the end of courses.

Photo 7: There’s been a huge amount of organisation and planning. With the help of High Performance Sport New Zealand, we’ve laid down Plan A’s, Plan B’s and Plan C’s, whilst continually focusing on increasing the quality of everything we do. This planning gives me a huge amount of confidence for my season knowing the work has been done and I can focus on the most important job –performing!

I’ve now left New Zealand and am training at an altitude of 3400m in Austria. It’s a harsh training environment but it’s getting me ready for an epic season, culminating in the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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