Our Top Gear Picks for Kids Snow Adventures

Hitting the snow with your little adventurers? 

Winter has arrived… and so has the snow! Whether your family has a few ski seasons under its belt, or your little adventurers are getting their first introduction to the slopes – comfort is key. You’ll need to make sure they’re warm and dry so that their snow experience is a memorable one – and something they’ll hopefully want to repeat many more times yet!

Macpac | Kids Ski

This winter we’re excited to present our new Spree kids ski range – just in time for the chilly season, and perfect for cold weather adventures.

But it’s not just the outer layers to consider when you’re taking your family for a day on the snow – think warm base layers and accessories – from top to toe.

Base layers for kids

You can never have too many layers – dress your little ones for comfort, but always pack more in the car – just in case. Keep them cosy with specialized kids base layers – we offer two varieties – merino wool or Geothermals.

Macpac merino base layers are not only super cosy but they’re also itch-free and anti-odour. Available in top and bottom varieties, they feel soft on skin and keep kids comfy in a range of temperatures.  Merino is better for lower-intensity activities –so rather than full-day skiing adventures, these layers are best for a couple of hours spent building snow men and having snow fights – with water resistant outer layers on top.

Our Geothermals are made from 100% polyester and are durable and easy to care for. Kids Geothermals are available in a range of top styles, and also as pants, and they provide lightweight warmth and moisture management, without excess bulk. Geothermals are great all-rounders – perfect for skiing and other high intensity activities as they won’t hold moisture while you’re moving.

Kids Ski Gloves

If there’s one thing that kids love to do in the snow – it’s have a good old fashioned snow fight. Whether they’re throwing heaps of snow, making snow angels, or hitting the slopes with mum and dad, gloves can make or break the experience.

Wet hands = cold hands, so look for gloves that are waterproof. Our Kids Mitts are perfect for a day on the powder because they’re not only warm, but they also have a Reflex™ waterproof liner to keep little hands dry. Their reinforced palm provides durability, and they have added stretch around the wrist to keep them in place.

Feet matter too!

If you’re taking the kids skiing, it’s best to avoid short socks to minimize contact with heavy ski boots which might cause some discomfort. Make sure they try on their socks and boots before you leave home – if their feet are sore or uncomfortable, this could quickly cut the day short.

While it’s always a good idea to have more than one pair of socks on hand in case little feet get wet from the snow, make sure your child is only wearing one pair at a time if they’re wearing clunky snow or ski boots. Even though it can be tempting to layer up with more than one pair in chilly conditions, two pairs of socks are more likely to cause blisters. The key is choosing just one warm pair. If they can’t move their toes, and their socks bunch up in tight footwear, this may also impact on comfort.

Check out our kids ski socks. Made from a soft Merino blend, they’re fully cushioned for warmth and comfort and have a precise asymmetric fit.

Specialised Kids Ski Wear – Spree Jacket & Pants

There are a lot of outdoor jackets for kids on the market that will do half the job, as far as skiing goes – but what you really need is a combination of warmth, versatility, comfort and weather-resistance.

The Spree Jacket is our answer to the multi-purpose kids jacket. Inspired by snow adventures, this insulated jacket is just at home on the daily winter school commute as it is on the slopes.

Constructed with a water resistant breathable membrane shell, and filled with cosy synthetic insulation, the Spree kids ski jacket provides excellent warmth, and great protection from the elements in a range of conditions.

Team this kids ski jacket up with our Spree kids ski pants, and you have the ultimate outfit to keep them warm and comfortable for a day in the snow.

Plus, our Spree Pants come with a specialized ‘Space to Sprout’ system which will extend their life beyond the first ski season. Simply unpick the red stitching in the lining to lengthen each leg by 4cm – perfect for growing adventurers!

Macpac Spree Kids Ski Range

Macpac Spree Kids Ski Range