Introducing the Macpac Motatapu

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We’re excited to continue our support of one of New Zealand’s most iconic off-road events – the Macpac Motatapu. We’re all about getting people into the outdoors, and encouraging them to venture out into their own backyards – through fitness, exploration and recreation. We’re really looking forward to bringing this passion to the Macpac Motatapu for years to come.

Macpac Motatapu
Competitors gather for the Macpac Motatapu

Competitors gather for the Macpac Motatapu

The Location

Set in the stunning Wanaka/Queenstown high country, this annual event is held in one of the most stunning parts of New Zealand. Comprised of six events that weave through the beautiful southern landscape, competitors are treated to incredible views as they challenge themselves through to the finish line.

Swimmers at the Macpac Motatapu

Swimmers at the Macpac Motatapu

The Events

Miners Trail Run – 15km from Wilcox Green, finishing back at Wilcox Green.
This is a popular option if you’re looking to test the waters, don’t have a lot of training time, or just want a taste of the experience, without committing to some serious kms.

The course follows a spectacular loop from Arrowtown, ascending the historic Tobin’s Track up to the Crown Terrace before entering the magnificent Glencoe Station. You’ll pass historic ruins of a miner’s cottage as you climb to the Aid Station at 6.5km. From here, the course continues up the tussock covered hillside ascending to the high point at 1047m and a breath-taking view of the Wakatipu basin. The trail narrows to single track as it cuts across the top of the mountain heading towards the big decent of the race.  The next couple of kilometres zig-zag down towards the Arrow River on rough, disused farm track. With 4km to go Miners Trail runners meet the Macetown Track and connect up with the Off-Road Marathon course for the final push to the finish.

Mountain Bike – 47km from Glendu Bay, Lake Wanaka to Wilcox Green, Arrowtown.
This event takes you on an iconic off-road course through the magnificent Motatapu, Soho and Glencoe Stations. There is only one chance to bike this course each year and it’s by riding The Macpac Motatapu! This event can be as challenging or as laid-back as you want it to be with pros, amateurs and newbies all racing the same 47km track. Top NZ mountain bikers have set records here, and celebs such as Bill English, Steve Gurney and Hamish Carter have added character, but it’s the everyday recreational rider that is the backbone of this event.

Off-Road Marathon – 42km from Motatapu Station to Glendu Bay, Lake Wanaka.
Your journey follows a route early Maori used for hunting and gathering, and to move Pounamu (Greenstone). The valley was not discovered by European explorers until around 1862, during the gold rush. You’ll go through numerous river crossings, hill climbs, and personal challenges, and no doubt be struck with the spectacular views of these southern country valleys.

Triathlon – 2km swim, 47km bike, 15km run from Glendu Bay to Wilcox Green
This is arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding off-road triathlons in NZ. This triathlon rekindles the pioneer spirit by using the lay of the land to determine the course. Athletes can race as an individual or as a team of two or three. Whether you are an established triathlete or need a goal to push yourself to the next level, this is for you. Test yourself, prove your grit, and get off road!

Ultra Run – 51km from Glendu Bay to Wilcox Green
This Motatapu Ultra traverses the absolutely stunning ridges and valleys of the Harris Mountain Range between Wanaka and Arrowtown. The track covers 51km of exposed and physically challenging back-country terrain across the Motatapu and Soho Stations on an old travellers’ route that is steeped in New Zealand history.

You will ascend a total of 2790 metres over four peaks (the highest point being 1275m), and negotiate rough tussock-covered areas, long, steep saddles and river crossings. It will be an accomplishment you’ll remember and be very proud of for a long time to come.

How can I enter the Macpac Motatapu?

The time to enter is now – get in before the price increase on 31st Jan. Enter here.

Runners at the Macpac Motatapu

Runners at the Macpac Motatapu