The Art of Repair

Summer Journal 2019

As long as Macpac has existed, there has been a Macpac repairs service. Back in the 70s it was a pretty casual arrangement – if you damaged your pack, you could bring it back to Macpac founder, Bruce McIntyre’s garage in Christchurch and he’d patch it up for you. These days there’s a bit more structure around the process, but the goal is exactly the same.

“You’re always better to repair things if you possibly can,” says Ronda Truman, Repairs Technician at the Macpac Repairs Centre in Christchurch. Ronda started at Macpac in 1989, working in the apparel team as a machinist and as a full time repairer since 2010. 

“The early days of repairs at Macpac were a bit different – whichever team had made the product would be responsible for repairing it. Eventually that became too time consuming, so they started a team that was dedicated to repairs.”

One of Bruce’s founding principles for Macpac was that durable design was the best thing an outdoor business could do for the planet. Keeping gear in use for as long as possible, and out of landfill, was and is a fundamental feature of Macpac design – repairs became a massive part of that.

Christine Billing started making and seam sealing tents at Macpac during the late 80s and is now a member of the Repairs Team.

“I don’t like waste. It’s clogging up the planet. If we don’t do something about it, who will? I think the next generation cares, and they’re starting to make changes by only buying from brands that show that they care about the environment.”

Christine Billing, Macpac Repairs Technician.

Research by Veolia UK shows that extending the life of a piece of outdoor gear by 9 months can decrease the product’s carbon footprint by as much as 30%. Care for your gear properly to extend its life, and if it does break down, repair it – create a bond with your outdoor kit over years of shared adventures.

If you have a well loved piece of Macpac kit that has been damaged and is need of repair, take it into your local Macpac store and the team will tell you what repair options are available.