Still doing it the old fashioned way

Winter Journal 2018 | Jos Button, Apparel Designer

2 minute read

For 45 winters, we’ve welcomed the cold. We invite it across our threshold, we listen to what it has to say. For 45 winters, we’ve studied it, and each year we learn how to better apply its teachings to the gear we design. For 45 winters, we’ve loved it, and it rewards us; with empty trails, deep powder and a warm fire. For 45 winters, we’ve tackled new adventures, seen new beauty, faced new challenges and conquered new fears. Since 1973, we’ve helped you embrace the cold – whatever your adventure.

It was 1973 when our founder, Bruce McIntyre started making backpacks from his parent’s garage in Christchurch. With a $2000 loan under his belt, Bruce set a goal – to create products of the highest quality that would last a long time, and could comfortably handle New Zealand’s rugged and unforgiving terrain. Since then, we’ve had 45 winters to hone our craft. Winter 2018 is the product of of 45 years spent outside – researching and designing in the world’s best outdoor test lab, New Zealand.

A lot has changed since the early days, so this winter we’re celebrating progress. People’s minds go in different directions when they hear our name or see our logo; packs, apparel, tents – but whatever the immediate association is, it always carries the weight of expectation. Part of being a heritage brand in New Zealand is that people are emotionally invested in what we do, and we take that responsibility seriously.

This winter, we’re continuing to evolve. We’re bridging the gap between technical apparel and the urban environment. We’ve designed a new 3-in-1 coat, the Element (available mid June), which performs in cold, windy, wet conditions, but looks perfectly at home in an urban setting. It’s not a new concept, but it demonstrates the progression in what our customer wants.

Of course, we’re still deep in the world of technical adventure gear. So this season, we’ve extended our Alpine Series, the range that we design in collaboration with the New Zealand Alpine Team specifically for high performance in extreme conditions. The Supanova, which is our most popular Alpine Series down jacket, has undergone a transformation, which makes it feel more accessible to those outside the mountaineering community.

Technical quality has always been the bedrock of what we do, and that’s never going to change. But our ranges will continue to evolve. We’ll continue to research, design and test the old fashioned way – outside, tackling the elements and inspiring people to do the same.

She’s wearing the Supavnova Hooded jacket and Pom Pom Beanie | The Winter Journal