The Rainwear Compatibility Test

Winter Journal 2018

2 minute read

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, you’re going to need an appropriate rain jacket. Choosing rainwear is tough. In many ways, it’s similar to choosing a partner: all the available options sound appealing for different reasons, but which option is the best fit for you? Which is the one who will keep you safe, and allow you to live your best, most waterproof life? Lucky for you, our Product Design Manager, Gav is an expert in both choosing rainwear and matchmaking! Simply choose the personality type that sounds most like you, and Gav will pair you up with the waterproof jacket of your dreams.

 The Mountaineer

You’re always looking for the next challenge. Climbing literal and metaphorical mountains doesn’t scare you in the slightest. You’re highly capable, and can only keep company with those who can keep up with you.

Gav’s Match

The Lightweight Prophet is the rain jacket for you. Designed for high stress, technically demanding environments, the Lightweight Prophet is the companion you know will have your back when skies are grey on the mountainside.

A Mountaineer wearing the Lightweight Prophet jacket

The Mountaineer wearing the Lightweight Prophet | Winter Journal

The Tramper

You want every spare moment to be bursting with adventure. You love tramping (that’s bushwalking, Aussie readers), travelling and camping with your special someone. You’re a dreamer, but while your head might be in the clouds, your feet are firmly on the ground.

Gav’s Match 

The Copland is the rain jacket for you. Comfortable, stylish, and waterproof enough to weather any storm you might face together, the Copland will compliment your adventurous spirit, keep you safe, and is sturdy and reliable enough to be your long term solution.

A Tramper wearing the Copland jacket

The Tramper wearing the Copland | Winter Journal

The Competitor

You love competition. Whether it’s a cross country race on bike or foot, or a tussle for your fair share of the duvet, you’re not satisfied unless you’re locked in battle. You’re constantly striving for the upper hand, and you need to be both supported and pushed, no matter what conditions you face.

Gav’s Match

The Transition (available late may) is the jacket for you. Lightweight enough to never slow you down, but sturdy enough to go the distance, we’ve designed the Transition in a way that lets you breathe when you need to cool off, but will never leave you out to soak when the rain starts to fall.

A Competitor wearing the Transition jacket

The Competitor wearing the Transition | Winter Journal

The Traveller

You’re fascinated by the world around you, and you’ll explore it at every opportunity. You’ve always looked beyond your backyard for a new adventure, never letting grey skies keep you from new experiences.

Gav’s Match

The Dispatch (women’s and men’sis the jacket for you. Designed to compliment the highly mobile life of a traveller, the Dispatch combines functionality with a compact design, making it the perfect addition to a traveller’s pack. Oozing worldly charm, the Dispatch is the expert travel companion you’ve been searching for.

A Traveller wearing the Dispatch jacket

The Traveller wearing the Dispatch | Winter Journal